Deleting David Horvitz

New Media Art
  • Deleting David Horvitz is a project that questions what it means to make something public on the Internet. I wanted to raise something to the surface that is public but not in everybody’s awareness. The story of the artist David Horvitz suited my intention perfectly.

    The artist David Horvitz tries to delete his own Wikipedia article, one paragraph at a time. Other Wikipedia editors however interfere with his plan and rewrite everything he deletes. David Horvitz in return fills in the article with absurd false information… This zine is a documentation of the discussion that takes place in the comments of the single article revisions. Their argument and some snippets of previous versions are printed on newsprint.

    Deleting David Horvitz is now part of Paul SoulellisLibrary of the Printed Web.

  • Merz Akademie
  • 2015